Application Process

Interested students can send their complete applications for the Fall Semester 2018 intake in a single PDF file to by August 31st (1st deadline) or September 21​st (2nd deadline). We will consider the applications as they arrive but are only able to give feedback shortly before the interviews.


All applications should include the following material:

1. Motivation Letter

In addition to the usual content expected in a letter of motivation, the students should pick one investment strategy (i.e. Behavioural, Macro or Quantitative) that they find most interesting or best matches their skill set, and motivate why they have chosen this strategy.

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. References of Employment, if any

4. Current Grades

Additionally, we ask the students to provide a GPA estimate of all completed courses as well as all Banking & Finance related lectures separately.


The interviews will take place on Monday, September 24th 2018. All selected candidates will receive a notification by latest Friday, September 28th. The Kick-off meeting will take place on Monday, October 1​st.

For further details, please contact: