Master Theses


Multivariate Methods for Stock Selection
Marc Djerrah


Contrarian Carry Trade Strategy and Volatility
Jannik Brunner


The Term Structure of Risk Aversion in Foreign Exchange Markets - An Analysis of Foreign Exchange Option Data over Varying Time Horizons
Reto Willi


Portfolio Analysis of Cryptocurrencies: Diversification Benefits and Return Factors
Rafael Gerpe


The Risk and Return Relation of Direct Real Estate and REITs - Evidence from European Markets
Zhizhi Li


Long or Short? Sources of returns in factor portfolios
Tobias S. Habetha


Improving the Currency Carry Trade Strategy: From Time Series Models to Machine Learning Methods
Velimir Gordic


Hybrides Beratungsmodell im Private Banking
Luca von Wyttenbach


Cross-Sectional Variation in Commodity Futures Risk Premia: An Analysis based on Factor Models
Adrian Lukas Senn


Technische Aktienanalyse im Performance-Vergleich zur Buy and Hold-Strategie
Flurin Caduff



Non-Parametric Estimation of State Price Densities
Daniel Grosshans


Emerging Market Monetary Policy and the Carry Trade
Rasia Naidoo


Exiting Quantitative Easing: Are there Spillover Effects?
Ermir Binakaj


Optimal Delta Hedging Frequency for Equity Options
Michael Schnetzer


The introduction of GDP-linked bonds and the potential effects on some selected European countries
Xavier Schuwey


Rental Home Backed Securities (RBS) An Alternative Investment Opportunity in Switzerland?
Nicola Della Morte


Investment Mistakes Drivers of Private Banking Clients
Janis M. Heibel


Can the Carry Trade Strategy be improved by adding Value and Momentum?

Jonas Fässler


Alternative Portfolio Optimization - Monetizing Volatility Risk with Variance Swaps
Florian Vetters


Sell in May and Go Away - But Remember to Come Back in November

Dino Giuliani



Commodity prices as a signal for currency carry trades

Michel Alain Guillet


Value Equities in Carry Currencies

Thormas Karg


Strategic Allocation to Return Factors

Silvan Scheerer


Forecasting Long-Term Expected Returns Based on Earnings - An Analysis of a Financial Industry Approach

Samuel Annen


Capital Investment and Stock Returns: The European Evidence

Quoc Fu Ha


Determinants of the Issuance and Pricing of Insurance-Linked Securities

Philipp Handler


Cross Section of Stock Returns: On the Empirical Comparison of Investor Sentiment Indexes

Hasan Karahan


Preisblasen auf dem Schweizerischen Wohnimmobilienmarkt

Sara Steinmann


Empirische Performance unterschiedlicher Optionspreismodelle

Stefan Betschart


Saisonalität auf europäischen Aktienmärkten: eine branchenspezifische Analyse

Jan Hunziker


The Pricing of VIX Derivatives: Theory and Empirical Performance

Florian Sutter



Are Convertible Bonds Redundant?

Cyril Charrabé


The Impact of Restricted Trading Hours on Trading Performance: An Experimental Study

Silvan Camenzind


Gibt es die Konsensusfalle bei Analystenempfehlungen?

Gabriel Meyer


Economic Cycles and Value Investing

Remo Kyburz


Analysis of Smart Beta ETFs

Christoph Buxtorf


Determinants of Swiss Money Market Debt Register Claim Yields

Sandro L. Galli


How Green Buildings Mitigate Risk

Constantin Kempf


The Performance of the Λ*-Strategy under New Stock Listings and Delistings Backtested on Swiss Stock Market Data

Qian Cao


Growth vs. Value Investing: What is the difference?

Alexander Thoma


Oil Price Indicators & Scoring Model Comparison

Sebastian Kollár


Momentum or Contrarian? Identifying the Determinants of Investor Beliefs

Sandra Petrovic


Timing Models for Factor Investing

Ueli Hofstetter



How Consistent are Ratings and Default Rates?

Alexander Gartmann


Die Auswirkungen der UCITS-Regulierungen auf Fonds-Performance und -Risiko

Adrian Kunz


Value Investing in European Stock Markets - An Application of Fundamental Analysis on Liquid Stores

Marc Geissbühler


An Analysis of Price Development in the Real Estate Market in Switzerland

Patrick Stump            


Rohstoffpreise als Ursache für Krisen und Konflikte

Marco Guldener


Implications of SP/A Theory on Optimal Portfollio Choice,

Dominique Schwestermann    


Investigating the relationship between the housing risks, the social security coverture and their impact on the home ownership rates in Switzerland and England

Adrien Walther


Retail investor trading behavior and profitability with regard to trading volume, past returns and news

Marko Milivojevic        


Einfluss von Subventionen auf die Bautätigkeit energieeffizienter Gebäude in der Schweiz

Juerg Syz, Caroline Rutz


Can the attractiveness of Contingent Convertible bonds be explained by investors exhibiting systematic behavioral biases?

Tamara Nielsen           


The Consequences of Environmental Policies on the Optimization of the German Energy Portfolio - A Quadratically Constrained Programming Model

Andrea Staudacher    


The Chinese Renminbi on its Way to a Convertible and International Currency

Raffael Willi


Global vs. regional value investing         

Tim Glaus     


Predicting Stock Price Correlations - An ROC Curve Based Classifier Performance Analysis

Sven C. Steude, Martin Castrischer


What is risk? How do private investors understand risk? 

Laura Anzoni             


Explaining co-movement with co-mentions in financial media

Mateusz Wroblewski  


Dynamische Interaktion zwischen Value und Momentum

Michael Iten 


Presentation Forms and Risk-Taking Behavior of Investors

Svea Ludwig 


Robot Advisory: Ein Fluch oder doch ein Segen?

Dominic Hinny


Learning and Stability in an Evolutionary Finance Model

Cao Qian      



Die Auswirkung von Credit Default Swaps auf die Finanzstabilität

Benjamin Mösch


Volatility Trading

David Weber


The US dollar during the financial crisis: an intraday analysis

Angelo Ranaldo, Rocco Fedele 


Verzerrungen bei der Wahl von Autoversicherungen

Christian Hardegger


Correlation 2.0: News and Social Media Predicting Stock Correlations

Michael Bonifazi         


Tracking Error Berechnung bei ETFs

Hans-Jörg Morath      


Technical Analysis and Investment Strategies: An Empirical Study

Brian Buchmann


Market and Liquidity Risk in the Corporate Bond Market

Eliane Eberle


Modelling Deleveraging

Stefan Nef


Determinants of Swiss Porperty Rents - Evidence from Swiss Residential Markets

Philipp Dillinger


The Effect of Credit Rating Changes on Asset Prices

Ugur Aksoy   


Welfare Effects of a Proportional Tax on Financial Transactions

Biljana Meiske-Radovanovic


Decision Heuristic or Utility Driver? On the robustness of the impact of gain and loss probabilities in risky choice (How important are the overall probabilities of gaining and losing in decisions under risk?)

Julian T. Gabrisch     


Price Predictability in an Evolutionary Financial Model

Ferdinand Langnickel


Rohstoffdrehscheibe Schweiz – Entwicklung und Perspektiven

Selim Ardüser             


Impact of regulatory transparency notifications on stock prices

Viktor Dinevski


The Application of urban economics to Hong Kong’s property market

Severin Tobler             



The response of Swiss real estate funds to macroeconomic factors

Rebecca Merkli            


Die jüngere Entwicklung des Private Banking in der Schweiz (ab 1985)

Stefanie Meyer            


Ist Newstrading erfolgreich?

Remo Spühler


Marktexperimente in der Finanzwirtschaft: Überblick und Übertragbarkeit auf reale Märkte

Reto Gurtner


Value Investing in Commodities

Philipp Struwe


Neurofinance and Risk Tolerance,

André Schiesser


The influence of news sentiment on correlations between commodity returns

Michal Dzielinski, Marcel Fischli


The impact of stock market crashes on the pricing kernel

Christian Reichlin, Tino Schmid            


Value Investing

Patrick Rüegger


Information Dynamics in Financial Markets

Fabienne Locher


The trading behavior and profitability of retail investors with regard to news

Maik Panter


Green Premium - Analyse am Beispiel des Immobilienmarkts des Kantons Zürich

Marco Rutz



The Risk Profile and Performance of Environmental Hedge Funds

Dijana Skoric


The Impact of Market Conditions on the Performance of Different Option Pricing Models

Jean-Marc Meier


The Risk Profile and Predictability of Hedge Fund Returns: Implications for Asset Management

Andreas Schranz


Hedge Funds placement - current situation and possible developments

Joel Rossier


Information Spillover Effects between the Commodity and the Stock Markets

Sven C. Steude, Timo Wassmer


Back-testing of news-based strategies on stock markets

Michal Dzielinski, Christoph Bischofberger


Real estate in an asset allocation: an optimized portfolio through resampling

Mihnea Constantinescu, Philipp Langenegger


Expectations Implied in Option Prices: An Equilibrium Approach

Christian Reichlin, Sandro Caluori       


Kulturelle Unterschiede im Fehlverhalten bei finanziellen Entscheidungen

Sébastien Brühwiler


Analysis and Timing of Managed Futures Strategies

Michal Dzielinski, Peter Gilles


How important are loss probabilities in repeated investment decisions?

Lukas Meier  


Speculative Bubbles in a Production Economy with Innovation

Alexander Tobler


Alpha Opportunity Barometer

Reto Schläpfer