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“This is a program which offers one hands-on portfolio management experience, access to insightful investment ideas, and rewarding learning experience of building up your own trading strategies. If you are motivated enough, you’ll be surprised how much you can learn in this progam.”

— Luting Ye


“The Portfolio Management Program was the most exciting and instructive course during my Master studies in Banking and Finance. It gave me the opportunity to develop and implement investment strategies as part of a team. Not only does one learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired at university, but one also gets the opportunity to deal intensively and profoundly with the subject of portfolio management.

The Portfolio Management Program is a unique experience and has greatly increased my interest in the topic. I can strongly recommend the program to anyone who has a keen interest in portfolio management and think that you will gain valuable experiences that are beneficial for your future job. ”

— Florian Rümmelein


"I didn't know much about portfolio management or asset pricing before joining PMP. During the whole year, every meeting in Vitznau or courses in Zurich has been so inspiring and motivating and I have gained a lot. PMP is truly an exciting experience, and it has inspired my strong interest in portfolio theory and fixed income markets and I want to dig deeper into this next academic year."

— Yuhan Ye


“The Portfolio Management Program is the perfect supplement to the Master in Banking and Finance and for anyone who wants to get first hand, real life experience managing assets in the financial markets. The structure of the course (an introduction into financial markets and preparation for the development of investment strategies building ideal basis to theoretically manage a portfolio), as well as the implementation of handling an actual portfolio with a specific mandate enables the possibility of broadening the financial horizon and experience of any participant.

Not only is the course an ideal complement to a theory based master's course but it also allows participants to gain experience that that sets them apart from competing applicants in the job market.”

— Florian Vetters

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