About Us

The Center for Portfolio Management was established in 2015 with the objective to advance research and education in portfolio management. The center is part of the Department of Banking and Finance and supported by third-party funds.

The Center’s research focuses on portfolio theory, asset pricing with special emphasis on anomalies and empirical regularities in price behavior, and rule-based investment strategies.

The Center offers a Portfolio Management Program (PMP) spanning four semesters. Developed in cooperation with industry partners, this program comprises a series of courses in portfolio management integrating theoretical foundations and practical experience in all key facets of modern asset management. In the first two semesters – the Portfolio Management Theory phase – students gain exposure to strategy-based asset management and develop investment strategies as part of their coursework. Special emphasis is placed on quantitative, behavioral and macroeconomic approaches with an eye towards practical applications. In later semesters – the Portfolio Management Implementation phase – students have the unique opportunity to apply their knowledge in a practical setting.